Frequency Asked Questions

What is Cymbal?
Cymbal's mission is to take the world's blockchain data — all the billions of events and activities stored on-chain — and make it understandable by anyone. To do this, we are building the “human readable" blockchain explorer, powered by AI. Cymbal AI helps to summarize all the key information and stats you’ll want to know about a Wallet, Collection, NFT and more, all in real-time.
Which blockchains do you support?
Cymbal currently supports Ethereum. Solana will be launching soon. Follow @cymbalxyz on Twitter or join our Discord for update.
How do I claim my Cymbal (profile)?
Simply sign in to Cymbal by connecting your crypto wallet. We currently support Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and WalletConnect. For more information about crypto wallets, visit this tutorial.
Is Cymbal secure?
Yes! When you connect your wallet and authenticate, our system is simply verifying you own your account. We do not request any permissions to access your wallet holdings.
How do I customize my Cymbal profile?
One of the benefits of claiming your Cymbal profile is we allow you to personalize the look once you have claimed. You can set a custom background image, select a PFP from any NFT in your wallet, and also write a short description. To customize your Cymbal profile, first sign in with your crypto wallet and then hover over your profile picture in the upper right corner. Click on the “Customize" button and you can start making changes.
How do I set up my watchlist?
On Cymbal we offer you the ability to follow any wallet, collection, or individual NFT to get real-time updates on their activity. Simply click the “Follow" button on the Cymbal page for the wallet, collection, or NFT you want to follow and we’ll add them to your personalized watchlist, which will automatically update anytime there’s new activity.
I’m a NFT project owner. How do I claim our collection page on Cymbal?
Collection pages on Cymbal can also be claimed and personalized. Simply go to your project’s collection page and click the “Claim this Collection" button. For Ethereum collections, you will then be prompted to sign in with the same wallet that was used to deploy the contract for the collection. You can then customize your claimed collection by clicking the “Customize" button on the page. if you have any issues with claiming your collection page, please email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.
Does Cymbal work on mobile?
Yes! Cymbal is fully optimized for mobile devices. You can seamlessly browse our site and explore the blockchain like a pro on the go.
I found an error with some data on Cymbal. How do I let you know?
Please email [email protected] with the link to the specific URL where the data error is, and any associated details about the error. Our team will then review and try to resolve the error.
What is Cymbal Bot?
Cymbal Bot is a freely available Discord bot that can be installed and configured entirely from a web browser. Once set up, Cymbal Bot gives any Discord server access to real time stats and insights that we’ve assembled across thousands of NFT collections and millions of individual NFTs and wallets. Visit to learn more, or join the Cymbal community on Discord to talk to us directly.
What is Royale?
Royale by Cymbal is a free, themed, interactive sweepstakes event powered by NFTs. Mint an NFT to play and watch the action unfold here or in our Discord server. Follow @cymbalxyz on Twitter for updates!