About Cymbal

You shouldn't have to be a blockchain expert to understand what's happening on the blockchain

Blockchains are exciting new technologies for sharing data that have led to the creation of innovative use cases like digital currencies for storing and transferring wealth, record management for tracking ownership, new forms of art and collectibles, and much more. But the blockchain has also led to a lot of confusion for users because it's currently really hard to understand. We want to try and change that.

Cymbal's mission is to take the world's blockchain data—all the billions of events and activities stored on-chain—and make it understandable by anyone. To do this, we are building the “human readable” blockchain explorer.

50 years ago, people relied on command line interfaces like Unix Shell to interact with data on the very first computers. That's largely where we are today with blockchains—we use tools that look like command line interfaces to understand the blockchain. But today, most people interact with data on computers using far more intuitive and convenient methods like graphical interfaces, touch navigation, and now even conversations powered by AI.

At Cymbal, we believe interacting with the blockchain should be just as convenient.

Our team

We are a company founded by leaders from technology pioneers like Meta, Microsoft, Hulu, Flipboard, and Gif Your Game, and are also responsible for many of the largest NFT mints on Solana. We are backed by world class investors including Patron, GV, Acrew, First Round Capital, Eniac, Sixth Man Ventures, Solana Labs, Coinbase Ventures, and more.